I have come to this space with a lot of love and a heart full of passion, and most of all tears of anguish, and of hope. I don’t know that I have any wisdom to form into words, but I care, I care deeply about the struggles and the suffering that our children endure as they make their way from school into the wider world of tertiary education and post formal education make-or-break. I will learn as I grow into the blog, and I will endeavour to do the best research I can, to make some sense of questions and conundrums facing our youth and parents today, in our beautiful country South Africa, with it’s troubled politics and alarmingly unequal society.

I can feel at least some of the pain that torments the students who are protesting at universities around the nation, I can understand a lot of the anger, and even the bitterness, I can understand the fear for survival and the desperation to forge a better way. I want to find words to make myself understand it more, and share these words, so that the impotence is not so real and soul destroying. I want to form a human chain of parental love around the burning buildings and protesting youth. I want them to see me trying to understand, trying to help, and I want them to trust that I want to stand in solidarity with their struggle to end this plight. #feesmustfall #parentsinsolidarity


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